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Surprised! Aren't u?     Well! Well! We too were!

When the idea of this web site was finalized on Sept 30, 2001, we were not sure exactly how we r gonna make it. With zero web page building experience, and everyone of us being busy with our primary work (i.e. Medicine); we knew it wasn't a cake walk.

But, u know....... When the going gets tough, the toughs get going!

Anyway, input/criticism from all of u is always welcome.

We will prefer this web site to be free from any advertisements. At present, we have arranged finances from our fellow Rohtakites to get going. In case, we need some help in future, we'll announce it.

and....remember... This web site is not my or other web developers' site. This is being developed FOR OUR ALMA MATER. This site belongs to all of us Rohtakites!
May The Almighty help, bless us all! Amen!

Special thanks are due to "Sid" (Siddhartha Kaul) for helping us with the development of this website.

I guess, I'm too tired after a day's work. Time for a nap.

LOL (Lots of Love) to everybody!!!!

(PS: Since PGIMS now has its own official website (, we the webamsters feel that this website ( needs to change, and focus on non-academic activities like Alumni events, co and extra curricular activities and alike. Please let us know if you have any suggestions).


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