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10 Nov 10, 2002 Invitation from the Dean PGIMS.
9 June 02, 2002 Bulletin (Message) Board added to the website
8 Apr 24, 2002 Individual member access (with User Name and Password) to Edit/Update Alumni Directory
7 Mar 24, 2002 Advanced search of the Alumni Directory available; Website pages Redesigned.
6 Jan 16, 2002 Merger Announcement.
5 Jan 14, 2002 Communication for possible Merger of the 2 existing websites of Medical College Rohtak.
4 Dec 29, 2001 The website "" goes public and E-mail invitations are sent to fellow Rohtakites to join the Alumni and pass on the message.
3 Oct, 01 - Jan, 02 More than a Thousand man-hours are spent designing the current website.
2 Sep 30, 2001 The idea of the website of Medical College Rohtak ( is finalized in New York.
1 Sponsors The Sponsors and Donors for this web site.

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10. Invitation from the Dean PGIMS: Nov 10, 2002.

Dr. S. S. Sangwan  
Greetings from The PGIMS (Medical College) Rohtak

   It is a matter of great satisfaction to see many of our colleagues excelling in different fields around the world and still having the same bond with the institution. I personally welcome all Rohtakites to visit their Alma mater and do something for the same in the form of delivering lectures, demonstrations and performing any other activities for the promotion of Academic atmosphere in the Institution. All are most welcome. We shall be able to look after their local hospitality, stay and transportation from New Delhi to Rohtak.

I am sure this will provide a good platform to interact amongst the faculty colleagues, residents and undergraduate students; and you will respond in a positive manner. You are most welcome to visit the Campus whenever you happen to be in India. I shall be personally responsible for looking after your home coming. Feel free to contact me on my e-mail or telephone/fax.

Dr S S Sangwan
M.S., D.N.B., F.I.C.S., F.I.A.M.S.
Tel: +91 (1262) 42728
Fax: +91 (1262) 42269 (when sending e-mail, omit the ROHTAK)

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6. The Merger Announcement: Jan 16, 2002.

Here is the Good News:

To keep a single, unified website of Medical College Rohtak, the 2 currently existing websites (** maintained by Anil Sangwan, Dushyant Verma, and Sanjay Sangwan and the ** maintained by Vikas Saini are merging into one.

United We Stand. May The Almighty help, bless us all!

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5. Communication for Merger of the 2 existing Websites of PGIMS Rohtak: Jan 14, 2002

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 11:30:10 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dushyant Verma" | Block Address | Add to Address Book
Subject: Medical College Rohtak - websites
To: "Vikas Saini", "Sanjay Sangwan", "Anil Sangwan", "Jasneet Kamal Narang"

Dear Vikas,

How's life in chicago? how has been the snowfall so far this year? how is ur study going on?

Here, in new york, i have been working actively on our medical college rohtak website, as u know. and it has been up and running (officially) for last about 20 days. The response has been excellent. I guess it has been due to collective efforts of all Rohtakites.

Viks, u designed a website of our medical coll and we also designed another website. All of us have nothing in our mind, except the welfare of our medical coll.

So what I would like to see is that the 2 websites are COMPLIMENTARY, not competitive, to each other. I had communication with Dr Narang also who was the first one to start a website about Rohmedcol. He is in favour of one website.

Do u think the idea is great? God willing, we will make rohtak website into a grand success!

Give me a call at my home 718 455 9132 any time after 9pm EST


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4. The E-mail invitation: Dec 29, 2001.

Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 18:39:10 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dushyant Verma" | Block Address | Add to Address Book
Subject: Congratulations everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
To: "Anil Sangwan", "Kamaldeep Sangwan", "Sanjay Sangwan" , "Rakesh Sarwal" , "Dinesh Singal", "Anchit Raj Singh", "Kuldeep vashishth", "Anil Verma", "Surender Malhotra", "Rajiv Mittal", "Subhash Rajora", "Sushil Garg", "Vikas Girdhar", "Avinash Gupta", "InderSain Gupta", "prag gupta", "Sangeeta Gupta", "Sanjay Gupta", "Sudhir Gupta", "Supreet Gupta", "Satyapal Jayant", "Dinesh Arya", "Kaushik R Barman", "Kaushik R Barman", "Sanjay Bhasin", "Rajender K Dhamija"

Hi Folks,

I am happy to announce that the website of our Medical College is now functional and I must congratulate all Rohtakites for this.

Although there is still room for improvement and lot of info needs to be obtained from Rohtak to be put on the website, yet a beginning has been made and I take this moment to invite everybody to join in. Let's make it a success.

The link is:

Do visit the Alumni page and add yourself to the Alumni Directory.
Please pass it onto as many Rohtakites as possible.

With Love.


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1. The Sponsors and Donors for the Web site of PGIMS Rohtak, India.

The time spent by Rohtakites, to make this Web site a success, has been invaluable.
However, we acknowledge the monetary contribution by the following:

1 Dr Anil Sangwan Dr Dushyant Verma Dr Sanjay Sangwan Dr Vikas Saini
5 Dr Surender Malhotra Dr Umesh Pathak    

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