Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Rohtak, Haryana, 124001, India.
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3/23/2003 9:11:06 PM, GMT
On the Recommendations/Suggestions from the many visitors to our web site, all future entries for Guest Book/Bulletin Board will be in the Bulletin Board section only. This Guestbook is closed for future entries.

Your comments/suggestions are always welcome!

Mar 23, 2003

Webmasters Rohtak    Haryana  India

3/16/2003 6:49:36 AM, GMT
I fail to contact the administration office. Can you please send me the email address.
Hasan Dhaka      Bangladesh

3/3/2003 4:34:53 PM, GMT
I really like your site!
Judy Daugherty Des Moines    IA  United States

2/12/2003 3:28:41 PM, GMT
Hi,It is good to see a nice start for our medical college site.I feel nostalgic.Good luck to all.
Sunita Sharma Portsmouth    NH  USA no URL given

2/2/2003 11:38:39 AM, GMT
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Vatsal (webmaster) New Delhi      India

1/31/2003 12:44:28 AM, GMT
Dear Vijay,
thanx for your suggestion. I have corrected the problem you had pointed out. Actually what had happened was that in your home page link ** the *http* was missing, hence you were getting the error message.

My apologies for the inconvenience.
Webmasters New York    New York  India

1/30/2003 3:45:01 PM, GMT
well i fed my information into your server of alumni page, but when one tries of open up some home page directly from the link that displays in your detailed information page about some rohtaky it simply doesn't open up . do something about it.
as for the site it's the best thing to have ever happened.
vijay kalra delhi    delhi  india

1/20/2003 5:56:50 AM, GMT
Hi Lovely work! Nice doing! appreciate it fellows!
Do something about a personal forum also. If anyone wants to contact somebody, Help them!
shailender kadian Rohtak    Haryana  India no URL given

1/4/2003 10:02:02 AM, GMT
great work folks. it's great effort to keep pace with the changing of luck and happy new year to all the rohtakites across the globe!
raj kumar dangi delhi      india no URL given

11/26/2002 2:29:55 PM, GMT
Annual Meeting of Rohtakites at Sonepat on Dec 15, 2002.

(This topic was moved to the Bulletin Board. Please check there. .......... Webmasters)
DR. Anil Jain Sonepat    Haryana  India no URL given

11/12/2002 10:07:28 PM, GMT
We are running a Lotus Social Welfare Trust International and we are working on the several social issues such as Education, Peace, Child helth, Agriculture, Forestry, Tech Transfer, Trade / Industry, Climate Science, Transport, disable persons, Medical Treatment, Marine Life Animal Protection Violation of Human rights, Illiteracy, Unemployment, Poverty, Violence Against Women And Children , Child labour, Women rights, Environment, Fundamentalism etc.

10/28/2002 5:19:40 PM, GMT
really good site
but no place for medicos studying outside rohtak
do something
pradeep gogia rohtak    haryana   bharat no URL given

9/1/2002 5:09:20 AM, GMT
Hey Guys:
You have done a wonderful Job. I am not a Med student but from the same university. Please keep it up and if possible also encourage the M.D. University to do some effort in constructing a website. Good luk and keep it up.
Vivek Malik Chicago    Illinois  USA

8/15/2002 5:35:06 AM, GMT
Hi Enzo,
Thanks for visiting our website. We DO NOT have any dealing/link with Perhaps you got some wrong info.

We wish you the best for your pursuit.

Webmasters NY      USA no URL given

8/14/2002 11:14:36 AM, GMT
Please note that the following link, hosted at the server at your Campus in India, is running a business in an HIGHLY unethical fashion, with the Administrator not answering emails and similar.

Some money has been spent at that site, and I need your feedback in order to clarify this issue, before going a step further.

Feedback should be about reassuring me that someone is in charge and aware of this situation and can be emailed at:

Enzo in NYC
Enzo New York    Ny  USA

5/12/2002 9:46:20 AM, GMT

4/21/2002 4:19:01 PM, GMT
Hi Dushy you have done a great job.Now it is easy to remember our old days spent in MCR
V.P.Singh Faizabad    U.P.  India no URL given

3/21/2002 11:49:39 AM, GMT
Dear Dushyant, Kudos to all of you for the great effort and initiative. We rohatakites feel proud of you youngsters.People like me who do not have a permanent place of working (Faujis) will be linked with old memories. Thanks a lot and God Bless You.
Wg Cdr Aditya Bhargava Gorakhpur    U P  India

3/16/2002 3:49:57 AM, GMT
Keep it up Dushi
Ajay Anand New Haven    CT  USA no URL given

3/6/2002 2:41:14 PM, GMT
Great job! It is a pleasure to see how the 'ROHMEDCOL' tree has branched itself to reach every corner of the world. Keep it up. Good Luck!!!
Shyam Moudgil Detroit    MI  USA no URL given

2/24/2002 7:58:59 PM, GMT
Great effort, looks like the world has come togather for rohtakites. Hey any of my previous batchmates reading this, drop a line. It will be nice to hear. With love to all of you. well done Dushi
Kamal Deep London      UK no URL given

2/19/2002 5:45:11 AM, GMT
Hello Guys.. I really appreciate the great job done by u... this is the best way u can bring ur university to the highlights at the same time u can remain in contact with all ur batchmates and the other students of ur college...
I wish I cud do the same for my College. I hope u will complete the pending work of ur website soon... ALL THE BEST to u all..
Supriya Chowdhury Calcutta    West Bengal   India no URL given

2/18/2002 10:29:36 AM, GMT
Hi guys great work. It was like home coming for me.The web site took me down the memory lane. Kudos to all involved. Hope more and more will take advantage of this site.
Deepak Sharma darjeeling    west bengal  india no URL given

1/31/2002 4:44:02 AM, GMT
Hi Dushyant & Vikas - Nice job for taking the initiative and putting up the web sites. It is good news that you are merging into a single site. Let me know how I can contribute.
Sandeep Grover Chicago    IL  USA no URL given

1/15/2002 7:43:04 AM, GMT
Jasneet Kamal Narang and Sadhana Narang Kuwait      Kuwait

1/6/2002 3:37:35 AM, GMT
dushyant; WELL DONE JOB!!!!!
avinash & sangeeta barnwell      usa

1/3/2002 9:07:29 PM, GMT
Dear Anil,
Thanx. best way to help at this moment is to spread the word. As regards photos, they are being put with the alumni database. U gotta better idea......Shoot!!!!!! Afterall, this website is for all of us Rohtakites.
with Love.
ps: You and Neeti have still not registered. ;-)
Dushyant Verma Brooklyn    NY  USA

1/3/2002 12:29:41 PM, GMT
Great job, mates! How can we contribute to the site? Is it possible to post our photos onto a page too?
Anil Verma Perth    Western Australia  Australia

12/30/2001 6:58:26 PM, GMT
Good on you. Thought I will be the first one on this site but I have been beaten!
D.K. Arya Palmerston North      New Zealand

12/22/2001 5:09:43 AM, GMT
Good start buddies, Now do some more
Anonymous Somewhere in India      India no URL given