Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Rohtak, Haryana, 124001, India.
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Name Year Joined Degree
(from Rohtak)
Address Current position Photo
Dr. Venus Singh 2002 MD/MS/Dip only       Rohtak     Haryana       India      MD, Dept. Gyane. & Obst.   n/a
Dr. Aditya Chaudhary 2001 MBBS 743 boys hostel pgims       Rohtak     Haryana     125001   india      mbbs student   rohtak n/a
Dr. Ravi Kant Dhiman 2001 MBBS room no. 125 boys hostel pgims rtk       Rohtak     Haryana       India      fourth year student   rohtak n/a
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Nevaliya 2001 MBBS Room no 410 , Boys Hostel       Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      2nd prof student   Rohtak n/a
Dr. Surender Singh Bhakar 2001 MBBS 535 boys hostel pgims rohtak       Rohtak     Haryana     125001   india      mbbs student   pgims hospital rohtak n/a
Dr. Vijender Singh Dhanda 2001 MBBS room no 507 boys hostel pgims rohtak       Rohtak     Haryana     126102   India      second prof. student   rohtak n/a
Dr. Virender Verma 2001 MBBS+MD/MS/Dip Wockhardt Mira Road       Mumbai           India  Consultant and Head of Pediatrics. Lead : Neonatologist   Mumbai n/a
Dr. Abhishek Kalra 2000 MBBS boys hostel, room no-639       Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India         n/a
Dr. Ashish Prakash 2000 MBBS 30 New Market   Kulri     Mussoorie     Uttranchal     248179   India      2nd Prof/3 year   College as Student n/a
Dr. Bharat Bhushan Singla 2000 MBBS room no.716, BH, pgims       Rohtak     Haryana       India      pgims ,Rohtak   n/a
Dr. Pallav Relan 2000 MBBS R No 826   boys' hostel     Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      Final Prof Std   n/a
Dr. Rajkumar Acharya Chhetry 2000 MBBS balajutar       Kathmandu         13912   Nepal      Medical Officer   BIR Hospital n/a
Dr. Vikram Dalal 2000 MD/MS/Dip+Faculty R. No. 339, Doctors Hostel   PGIMS Rohtak     Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      P.G. Psychiatry   n/a
Dr. Parveen Kumar Popli 1999 MBBS 504/24, Jawahar Nagag       Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      Consultant Radiologist   Ludhiana n/a
Dr. Savita Dhayal 1998 MD/MS/Dip only           NY       USA      Residency in pediatrics   NY n/a
Dr. Ajay Hooda 1997 MBBS           NJ       USA      internal medicine resident   philadelphia Yes
Dr. Ira Singh 1997 MBBS       Pittsburgh     PA     15213   USA      Research job in Psychiatry   n/a
Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal 1997 MBBS 5450 Wissahickon av       Philadelphia     PA     19144   USA      Post Doctoral Fellow, Anesthesia and Critical Care   Univeristy of Pennsylvania Medical Center n/a
Dr. Anisha Mahajan 1996 MD/MS/Dip only Sewak Sabha Hospital       Hisar     Haryana     125001   India      Consultant Microbiologist   Life-Care Labs, Rishi Nagar, Hisar n/a
Dr. Atul Kakkar 1996 MBBS kakkar nursing home       Tohana(fatehabad)     Haryana     126120   India      completed MS opthalmolgy from dmc ludhiana   n/a
Dr. Jitender Saini 1996 MBBS+PG+Faculty           Haryana       India      doing m.d. radiology at pgims rohtak   pgims rohtak n/a
Dr. Mukesh Kandara 1996 MBBS       ambala     Haryana       India      medical officer (HCMS)   vpo kalayat n/a
Dr. Ompal Saini 1996 MBBS       yamunanagar     Haryana       India      m.o. (HCMS)   phc kharwan n/a
Dr. Pankaj Bansal 1996 BDS/MDS 363/19       Faridabad     Haryana     121002   India      MDS/Oral Surgery   Rohtak n/a
Dr. Parveen Kumar Ahlawat 1996 MBBS       rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      medical officer (HCMS)   v.p.o. ghilore n/a
Dr. Pooja AGGarwal 1996 MBBS                         n/a
Dr. Pradeep Singh 1996 MBBS room 107,hsb,lhmc       new delhi     Delhi     110001   India      jr lhmc   lhmc n/a
Dr. Satya N. Verma 1996 BDS/MDS room no. 59 f block hostel ,govt medical college asr       Amritsar     Punjab       India      post graduate student in Maxillofacial surgery, Pb govt dental college and hospital , Amritsar INDIA   n/a
Dr. Sunil Kumar Bhatti 1996 MBBS 634   sector1     rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      house surgeon   pgims n/a
Dr. Sunil Kumar Jangra 1996 MBBS 1003, sector 5       kurukshetra     Haryana       India      excise & taxation officer   karnal n/a
Dr. Amit Murar 1995 MBBS+MD/MS/Dip           Delhi       India      LSR Institute   New Delhi n/a
Dr. Anil Dhanda 1995 MBBS                 India         n/a
Dr. Gurpreet Singh Kochar 1995 MBBS+MD/MS/Dip H no....67-L, Model Town       Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      MD Paediatrics, 1st year   PGIMS Rohtak n/a
Dr. Jagat Singh Yadav 1995 MD/MS/Dip only           Haryana       India      doing d. ortho at pgims rohtak   pgims rohtak n/a
Dr. manish dhawan 1995 MBBS                 Germany      doing specialisation in internal medicine in Elizabeth Hospital Frankfurt   Frankfurt n/a
Dr. Nisha Komapra Surendranath 1995 MD/MS/Dip only 1819 Holden farm Place       Ooltewah     TN     78229   USA      Asst professor   University of Tennessee n/a
Dr. Rakesh Barak 1995 MBBS       Miami     FL       USA      Neuroradiologist   University of Miami n/a
Dr. Vikas Makkar 1995 MBBS 655B/30 Adarsh Nagar       Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      PG 1st Yr, Medicine   PGIMS Rohtak n/a
Dr. Amit Chattopadhyay 1994 Joined as Faculty                 India         n/a
Dr. Dinesh Gupta 1994 MBBS Gokal Nagar   H. No. 802/25     Sonepat     Haryana     131001   India      Consultant Oncosurgeon at JIMS HISAR   HISAR n/a
Dr. Gaurav Bansal 1994 MBBS 71 L   Model Town     Sonepat     Haryana     131001   India      Senior Resident (M.Ch.) ,Neurosurgery, AIIMS, Ansari Nagar,   New Delhi n/a
Dr. Geetika Gupta 1994 MBBS 20 Dutch Barn Close           Chorley     PR7 1PR   UK      SHO Surgery   UK n/a
Dr. Kamaljeet Boora 1994 MBBS       Buffalo     NY       USA      Resident   n/a
Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Swami 1994 MBBS E 11/76 Malviya Nagar       New Delhi     Delhi       India      doing JRship in Delhi   n/a
Dr. Kapil Chawla 1994 MBBS+MD/MS/Dip       Rohtak     Haryana     124001   India      MD-Medicine Trainee   PGIMS Rohtak n/a
Dr. Lokesh Sharma 1994 MBBS 154, Sec. 9       Faridabad     Haryana     121006   India         n/a
Dr. Neeraj Bhateja 1994 MBBS 74 Mukherjee Nagar       Sriganganagar     Rajasthan     335001   India         n/a
Dr. Rahul Jain 1994 MBBS+MD/MS/Dip n-39 south city 1       Gurgaon     Haryana     122001   India      ms (g.surg) pgims rohtak   same n/a
Dr. Rajender Punia 1994 MBBS+MD/MS/Dip       Philadelphia           USA      Residency in internal Medicine, PA   USA n/a
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Nehra 1994 MBBS                 India      Medical Officer E.S.I. Deptt.   Yes
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